Dорога К Rуинам
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Класс 2

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An image of some car bodies off of the road.


A bridge intersection in Road To Ruins


More debris by a roadside

Дорога К Руинам — это загадочный Уровень Закулисья, прежде обозначенный как Уровень 600.

Дорога К Руинам — представляет собой форму различных, извилистых и неевклидовых дорог проходящие через непримечательную пустыню.


Road to Ruins is made up mostly of winding roads, they can dip into valleys, cross over each over in bridges, or just connect in intersections. The empty husks of various ground vehicles litter the streets, examples being bikes, cars, trucks, or tanks. The roads themselves are featureless, posing no actual road markings or signs to direct a traveler.

The roads, as well as following no direct path, also possess Non-Euclidian properties. They will oftentimes overlap themselves, without having any intersections. Many people have been known to lose other people or be split up in their groups because of this Anomalous effect.

The cars on this Level are usually empty, however, they can sometimes contain the following supplies which can aid in survival:

  • Консервы.
  • Батарейки.
  • Пластиковые бутылки наполненные Миндальной водой.
  • Фонарики.
  • Лом.
  • Пуленепробиваемый жилет.

Anywhere that isn't a road is nothing more than a plain, void desert. The material that covers the ground has been noted to feel differently from sand and has been connoted to feel like ash. Although this has not been verified and is likely false.

Базы, аванпосты и поселения:

Лагеря бандитов

  • Bandit camps are the blanket term for where the Bandit Entities will reside
  • Имеют от 1-13 бандитов.
  • Они могут быть дружелюбны, но ближе к краю Уровня могут быть более враждебны.


The bandits are the major threat in Road To Ruins, they're humanoids entities that move in groups from 7 to 12 members that can talk like normal humans. They all pose the ability to use guns, examples being shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Some bandits use contusive weapons including fire axes, machetes, metal baseball bats, crowbars, and batons. Their only distinguishing feature from ordinary human beings is their corpse-like appearance and rotting smell.

These entities can be easily defeated with a salt firearm. Once killed, the bodies of the bandits will disappear, as will their guns, except for their melee weapons.

Входы и выходы:


To access this Level, you can randomly find in The Blue Channel, going towards it will eventually drop you into the Level. Another way to access this Level is to go to the east of The End Of The F#c*ing World and jump off on the road, which will bring you to The Blue Channel. Once here, continue to travel east until finding this Level.


Чтобы выйти с Дороги К Руинам, нужно дойти до края этого Уровня. Дойдя до туда, вы можете спрыгнуть и попасть в Голубой канал.

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