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Level А-36 is the A-36th Level of the Backrooms. It is a dense forest devoid of any source of light.



Completely true and real Photo of Level А-36


Ha! Reality is unreal, and we are all morons.

Level А-36 is a dense forest, presumably composed of deciduous trees, however, due to a certain anomaly, it is impossible to accurately determine their type. The trees themselves, in addition to being conifers, also have an incredibly small height, on average they grow only up to one and a half meters. However, this anomaly is not the only thing that does not allow us to accurately determine the type of forest: the leaves of these twenty-meter plants are unlike any of the types of leaves of the trees on the Frontrooms.

Level A-36 is very difficult to travel due to the large density of the forest, though the wanderer can easily walk the entire forest along the path, which probably appeared due to human intervention. It seems that it does not lead anywhere and only makes travelers turn circles. If you walk along this path, you can reach the already extinguished ashes left by strong fire, however, no one was able to find out what caused the fire.

Also, at this level, any entities are completely absent, however, it turned out that earlier this level was densely populated by them. It is believed that all entities, except for the Skin-Stealers died out from a fire set by me an unknown traveler.

At Level A-36 it is impossible to hear anything. All sounds are constantly drowned out by waves of unknown origin. However, due to the fact that all sounds emitted at the level are amplified many times over, sometimes they can cause physical damage to the forest.

Although, at Level A-36 the ash is the only real place the center of the entire level, its location in the meadows of the level is constantly changing. However, due to the fact that the level itself is a completely flat plain, the ashes are fairly easy to see. Among all the hills at Level A-36, the central one stands out, on which the ashes have never been found. Apparently, the fire began to spread from that hill.

Physical and chemical laws work differently near the ashes: the gravitational constant changes depending on the position of the observer, photons stop working either as a particle or as a wave, and molecules near the ashes behave like indivisible particles.

The curvature of the gravitational constant caused by the increased speed of light somehow creates an observer effect for all phenomena. The sinusoid of reality slowly falls and passes through zero; mathematical constants grow exponentially, and a person's knowledge is constantly increasing.

The cat in the box has no way to get rid of the ashes caused by the decay of an extremely radioactive substance. The observer becomes observable, and the trigonometry of space loses its functions, creating a superposition. The electromagnetic field emitted by the photons has a strong hallucinogenic effect, due to which this level was banned for use as a hard drug.

Incoming transmission

recording started

Okay, can you hear me? Yeah, sorry, but I can't keep my promise…

prolonged silence

It's just … the pain is too strong…

another long pause

I… I think I am a little lost. I don't see the ashes… I've been walking here for the third day, maybe a week. I don't know… damn, this pain is unbearable…

sobs and slurs can be heard

You know that everyone really thinks wrong, right? The vector of the applied force told me that advance is impossible without friction, but I disagree with it since the acceleration vector can exist without it.

eerie laughter is interrupted by the howl of the oscillating movement of the wind

If everything goes as I intended, then I will be able to draw an accurate image of this level. Wait for me with new material!

recording ended

Entrances And Exits:


There is a chance to get to Level A-36 by going through an unlocked door with any point light source. At the same time, this source itself also serves as a key to opening the exit from the level.


Alas, the ashes burned the exit, so now the only way to get out of the plains is to cut a door on the surface of the photon lake. It is not possible to leave the level without a point light source.

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