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Класс 1

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Самая первая фотография уровня 0.

Уровень 0 - это 1-й уровень Закулисья, и, скорее всего, это первый уровень, на который вы попадёте.


Level 0 is a collection of randomly segmented rooms, hallways, and flights of stairs, with a mostly consistent mono-yellow wallpaper. The carpet is damp and moist, and the ceiling is decorated with office lights. Some walls have electrical outlets, have mold growing on them, or have security cameras. You can also rarely find groups of blood-red rooms instead of mono yellow, as well as hallways that are pitch black. While generally a safer Level, with rare sightings of entities, it is extremely isolating and will drastically lower your sanity. Keep a bottle of Almond Water on you. It is estimated the lobby is over 600 million square miles, which is about three times the size of The Frontrooms, so stay vigilant and keep walking until you find a colony or outpost.

"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in
God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby because it sure as hell has heard you"

Базы, аванпосты и поселения:

Б.И.Г. (Большая Исследовательская Группа) База Альфа:

  • Это первая основная база Б.И.Г.
  • This is where half of the group's Teams live.
  • Находится недалеко от входа на Уровень 1.
  • Communicates with The B.N.T.G. here. Н.Т.О.З.
  • База имеет усиленную защиту от сущностей.

Закусочная Тома:

  • Resides Tom, as the name suggests.
  • До того, как провалиться в Закулисье, работал шеф поваром.
  • Has food supplies that get resupplied by The B.N.T.G. every few months.
  • Том - жизнерадостный и оптимистичный человек.

Camp Amber:

  • Has around 50 citizens.
  • Close to Level 1's entrance to The Hub.
  • Has a small defense force.
  • Friendly and open to trade and new citizens.

Входы и выходы:


As Level 0 is likely the first Level you will encounter in the Backrooms, accessing it from The Frontrooms is the same as entering the Backrooms for the first time. No-clipping out of the bounds of reality is considered the most effective way of accessing the Backrooms. See the 'Basics of the Backrooms' guide for more information. Many other Levels can take you back to Level 0. Wandering through the Fortresses of Level 283 has the possibility of encountering wooden doors that smell of mold, stepping through these doors will lead to Level 0.


Be aware, exiting through an unknown entry point could lead to even worse places in The Backrooms. After many days of walking, you can find a staircase or fire exit, that will lead into Level 1. You can also break through the floor to go to Level 27. Breaking one of the lights results in a small chance a tunnel will appear, transporting you to Level -12. If you wander long enough you can get to the Manila Room.

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Этот файл претерпевает серьезные изменения.

Вся информация, представленная в этом файле, устарела и скоро будет обновлена. Любые незначительные изменения будут выделены синим цветом.

Спасибо за понимание.

Образец репеллента от Улыбающихся, капающего с растения.

Номер Объекта: 3

Локация: Разные Уровни Везде

Редкость: Редкая

Использование: Необходимо Бесполезно


Устаревшее Описание

Исправленное Описание

Following Event A, alongside the proper interpretation of Rune A - EPE-500-SRH, all capabilities and functions of Smiler Repellent have gone stagnant, with no indication of returning. The reasoning for this is largely unknown Following the discovery of additional documentation, The reasoning may be uncovered (see Addenda 2). Currently, the exact method of making Smiler Repellent is understood, and all information can be found below (See Rune A - EPE-500-SRH).

Дополнение 1: Открытия Сгинувших

Переписка, полученная от Легиона Сгинувших, 04/07/2009:

Recent efforts involving The Lost have resulted in the discovery of a Rune directly pertaining to Smiler Repellent, more specifically, how to create it. This rune was discovered on Level 500 following recent allegiances created between Rune Recovery - Team "Vera" and The Lost Legions. The following log describes the initial exchange between Team "Vera" captain Vera Trixie and the anonymous member of The Lost.

Level 500 Expedition summary:

The following summary was written up by Vera Trixie as a brief summary of the events which occurred on Level 500.


The following Rune database entry was deciphered and sent by Fortina Sorens, head of Rune Decryption, alongside the arhivist team. The report sent is as follows.

Обновление: Объект 3-Событие А

Following the event of attempting to combine Cashew Water and Almond Water, a massive explosion was glimpsed for a brief moment. Despite this, no people conducting the experiment were hurt in any way, though could very clearly remember the explosion before passing out. All traces of both the Almond Water and Cashew Water have disappeared, and attempts to replicate these results have proven to not cause the same effect.

When combined, they now create standard water. Significance of this is unknown, though it is presumed to be unimportant. All traces of Smiler Repellent have disappeared. Not a single drop has been located, including traces which were initially carried around by Overseer-A

Дополнение 2: Восстановленная записка от Сгинувших

Мы только что нашли эту записку, посланную на той же бумаге, которую постояно используют Сгинувшие. Кажется, что это важно. Put here for importance.

We don't know how to approach the note. For now, we have ignored it. However, we cannot deny it is important. Just how much do they know?

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