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Класс 3

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A picture of the entrance to the bookshop.

Уровень 153 — это 154й уровень Закулисья. Он был найден членом Б.И.Г. Аделин МакКаффери, когда её команда выпала из реальности во время спасательной операции.


Уровень 153 имеет форму замкнутого книжного магазина. Каждый странник, попавший сюда, окажется за пределами книжного магазина в окружении города. Снаружи магазин оклеен бледными кремово-бежевыми обоями, украшенными замысловатыми узорами, включая два изображения женщин в греческих одеждах. Как видно на фотографии, нет вывески, указывающей истинное название книжного магазина. Снаружи слабо пахнет мятой и ванилью. На этом уровне также отсутствует суточный цикл, из-за чего время суток на уровне всегда дневное.

Дорога перед книжным магазином непреодолима, так как попытке ступить на неё препятствует невидимая сила, не позволяющая перейти дорогу. Странник может пойти по тротуару, однако все здания, кроме книжного магазина, будут заперты, попытки открыть здания безуспешны, а поворот за угол всегда приводит в одно и тоже время.

Как уже упоминалось ранее, книжный магазин на этом Уровне замкнут. Следует отметить, что круги обладают особым эффектом изменения времени, и поэтому требуют подробного описания. Ниже приведены описания кругов, в которые могут попасть странники, начиная с Начальной формы.


Alexander Brockovich
Alexander Brockovich is the proclaimed owner of the bookshop5. Standing at 6 feet, Brockovich can be found behind the counter - his appearance and speech will always change according to the form one is in. He encourages to buy the books - however, anytime one will attempt to buy one, he will simply respond with, "Sorry, that one's reserved for someone else. Come back in when it's back in stock!" Attempting to question him will always lead him to shake his head, walk into the storage room, and disappear. Provoking or assaulting him will cause one to be promptly kicked out and into any Level before Level 10.

The Readers
The Readers are wanderers who fell victim to any of the books read in any of these forms. They are will not move - however, in the first three forms, attempts to take their book from them or to destroy the book will lead to them assaulting the provoker. It is still possible to save a Reader only in the Deceitful Veracity State by splashing water into their eyes.

Evocationaries are less common within the first form, but their number will grow the further one travels within the loop. It is vital to be hasty with finding and destroying the Entity if need be.

Male Deathmoths are commonly found within the bookshop; female Deathmoths less so. So long as one avoids contact and aggression, they should fare just fine.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Base "Bookworms":

  • Consists of 8 members. They are willing to take in volunteers, trade, and are open to questions.
  • Can be found near the entrance of the bookshop.
  • Stays in the Starting Form and will do their best to keep anyone from going to the next state.
  • Takes one hour in their day to read their books together and reminisce on the past.

Entrances And Exits:


  • No-clipping through a bookshelf with a sign that says, "Autobiographies," on it in Level 75 will lead to this Level.
  • Finding a book titled "Origins" on a table in Level 67 and walking out of the entrance with it will lead to the outside of Level 153.
  • Finding any book titled, "My Story," on any level will lead here.
  • It is also possible to no-clip into Level 153 by happenstance, but it's quite rare.


  • Rarely, one may discover a book that has none of the personal properties of the level, and instead is a book written in an incomprehensible language that contains Madame Blanche's signature. Dragging your index finger through Blanche's signature, from left to right, will lead you to Level 906.
  • Attempting to assault Brockovich will cause a wanderer to be kicked out into any level before Level 10.
  • One may no-clip in the same spot they came from whilst leaving Level 75. Doing so will bring a wanderer to the same spot within that Level prior to leaving. However, this will only work in the Starting Form.
  • There is a small chance that in any form, a strudel can be found next to the drink on a golden plate. Take a bite, and only one bite, and you will end up in Level 89.
  • No-clipping into a window that faces a doll shop6 will lead to Level 520.
  • Wear the Mask. Wear it. Hurry.

In which order of the story do you seek?
Are you to find tar or taste something sweet?
When nothing is perfect, even your desires,
Bear the mask and reign in hellfire.

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