<Begin Log 1>

Operation: Mystic Fog

Time: 17:30
Date: 9/11/2012
Location: Level 104
Scout Group: M.E.G Research Team
Operator: Professor Lee Thomas

P. Lee Thomas: Alright men, today we have an important mission to accomplish.
Right now, we are in front of the so-called "The Border", an entity that is native to the level we currently reside in. I have been researching this level for a long time now, but nothing major has come out of it yet. This is mainly due to the fact, that an expedition has never been performed on this level. The only source of information for me has been survivors of this level. But we can't make statistics out of mere words, at least not in this context. So, I believe basic information about this level has been given to you all before coming here, right Agent #1?

M.E.G Agent #1: Yes sir.

P. Lee Thomas: Great! So here is the plan:
You all will be divided into 2 groups: Team A and Team B.
Team A will consist of Agents number 1, 3, and 6, while Team B will have 2, 4, and 5. Agent #1 will be the leader of Team A, while Agent #2 will be the leader of Team B. You all will perform an expedition inside the border. All you need to do is learn about the environments, learn if any communities live there, and finally, collect data on entities if there are any. You will be given a big truck with enough food and water to sustain 6 of you for a year. It will also have resources like guns and ammunition, just in case, any hostile entities are present.

M.E.G Agent #3: Sir, how long will this expedition last?

P. Lee Thomas: Good question, sadly, we don't know the answer. As you may know, there is no reliable way to exit level 104. Most people who escape this level say that they have no idea how they escaped. But through my research, I conducted statistics that indicate most people who enter this level, come back after less than a year, hence the reason why your rations are so high.

M.E.G Agent #4: So, when are we moving on?

P. Lee Thomas: Right now.

M.E.G Agent #6: Right now?

P. Lee Thomas: Yes. Is something wrong with that Agent #6?

M.E.G Agent #6: No… Nothing.

P. Lee Thomas: Well then, let's start the operation. Team A will go in first.

Time: 18:02

M.E.G Agent #1: We are in.

P. Lee Thomas: Your body camera doesn't seem to work. Describe the surroundings.

M.E.G Agent #1: I am unable to see anything around due to the fog, but the floor underneath me seems to be made out of snow. It is very cold here too, the temperature is -12°C.

P. Lee Thomas: Snow? Agents number 3 and 6, can you confirm this information?

M.E.G Agent #3: Yes sir, everything is as the leader said.

M.E.G Agent #6: Affirmative.

P. Lee Thomas: Alright, good. So the reality is objective here. Continue the expedition.

Time: 18:26

M.E.G Agent #1: Sir, nothing has happened so far, but we found a dead tree.

P. Lee Thomas: A dead tree? Is anything unusual about it?

M.E.G Agent #1: Well, no. It seems normal. But that's the problem. We dug 1 meter into the ground and found no soil. It is basically impossible for any seed to grow here.

P. Lee Thomas: Interesting…

M.E.G Agent #6: Sir, I have a feeling we should move…

M.E.G Agent #1: Why is that, Agent #6?

M.E.G Agent #6: I… Don't know. We should just go.

P. Lee Thomas: Writes down something on paper. Well, if nothing is unusual about this tree, then continue the expedition. I'm gonna be sending Team B now. They will catch up to you with the truck.

M.E.G Agent #1: Copy that.

Time: 19:34

M.E.G Agent #2: Sir, this is Team B, we successfully united with Team A.

P. Lee Thomas: Excellent. Found anything time worthy?

M.E.G Agent #2: Well, nothing unusual. But we found a metal bar and a broken car in the snow while riding in the car. They seem to be completely norm-

M.E.G Agent #5: WOAH!

M.E.G Agent #2: Agent #5 what is wrong?!

M.E.G Agent #5: Look at that giant white pillar over there! It's the same size as a skyscraper! You can even see it with all this fog!

M.E.G Agent #4: Wow, never seen anything like that before!

P. Lee Thomas: Agent #4, exit the vehicle and observe the object. Tell me if you see anything interesting.

M.E.G Agent #4: Copy that. Exits the vehicle

M.E.G Agent #4: Hm. Looks like a giant pillar from greek architecture. Interesting, it even has some cracks on it.

M.E.G Agent #6: Walks out of the vehicle. Hey, Agent #4.

M.E.G Agent #4: Yes, Agent #6?

M.E.G Agent #6: Doesn't this all seem… Weird?

M.E.G Agent #4: What do you mean by that?

M.E.G Agent #6: I constantly feel like something is off, but I can't put my finger on it.

M.E.G Agent #4: Well, this applies to almost any level honestly. This one isn't really any different. You're new right? You'll get used to it.

M.E.G Agent #6: Well… I guess.

P. Lee Thomas: Agent #4, how far away is the pillar?

M.E.G Agent #4: Approximately 30 miles away, Sir. We can get there by car rather quickly.

P. Lee Thomas: Then continue the expedition in the direction of the pillar. I'll tell you what to do when you get to it.

M.E.G Agent #4: Understood. Agent #6, let's go.

M.E.G Agent #6: Alright.

[Both agents enter the vehicle]

Time: 19:57

M.E.G Agent #3: Okay, we are close to it. Sir, give us instructions on what to do/

P. Lee Thomas: Nothing serious really, one of the agents will just need to take a sample of the pillar. Maybe I can find something interesting about it.

M.E.G Agent #3: Understood.

M.E.G Agent #1: Hey! Stop the vehicle!

M.E.G Agent #3: Pressing on the brakes. What is it?

P. Lee Thomas: Yes, Agent #1, did you spot something?

M.E.G Agent #1: I see a bunker in front of me, approximately 15 meters away.

P. Lee Thomas: Everyone, observe the bunker. Agent #3, stay in the car.

[Agents leave the vehicle and head towards the bunker]

M.E.G Agent #1: Alright sir, we are here. The bunker looks very old and the metal on it corroded. Should we enter?

P. Lee Thomas: Definitely.

M.E.G Agent #1: Alright boys, we are going in.

[Agents start entering the bunker]

M.E.G Agent #6: Huh, nothing unusual. I anticipated something better, but this is just a small bunker with some shelves.

M.E.G Agent #1: Affirmative, nothing strange here sir.

P. Lee Thomas: Those kinds of things always seem simple from the outside. Check if there are any secret pathways or something like that.

M.E.G Agent #1: Copy that.

Time: 20:02

P. Lee Thomas: Found anything yet?

M.E.G Agent #1: No sir, we searched for 5 minutes now but didn't find anything. I don't think anything interesting is here. Should we go ba-


M.E.G Agent #6: What is that?!


M.E.G Agent #2: Shit! It's getting louder and faster!

M.E.G Agent #1: Agents! Group up! The sounds are coming from the walls!



M.E.G Agent #1: Agent #6, remain focused! We may have a threat.

P. Lee Thomas: What in the name of god is that noise?

M.E.G Agent #3: Voice coming from the radio. Sir! There is some unknown entity besides the bunker. It seems like a red skeleton of some sort…

M.E.G Agent #1: Sir, we may have encountered an entity. We are going to turn off our radios for safety reasons.

P. Lee Thomas: Wait? What?! N-

[Agent #1 turns off radio signal]

P. Lee Thomas: Goddammit! How am I supposed to continue my research now?!
Gosh… Well… Looks like I have no other choice now. I'll have to wait for them to send back a signal. Sigh, Let's finish this log then.

[Button press]

<End Log 1>

After this incident, M.E.G Research Team never responded or sent any kind of signals. Due to the lack of information that has been received after this expedition, new ones have been launched by Professor Lee Thomas with more agents, rations, and weaponry.
Continue further to learn more about the level.

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