Tactical supplie box


Have you ever thought from where people in Backrooms find clothes, food, electronics, weapons, industrial and constructing things? One of your answers will find at certain levels, but this is not the only way to get a variety of things, and this question you will ensure that you answer this article.


This is a simple cardboard boxes different in size and by class, but the difference is possible to replace only in size, they are 1m³, 2m³ and 3m³. That lies in the box is written on one side of the side, it is always written by:

Tactical Supply Box






CLASS: denotes filling boxes for example: Industrial, MILITARY MEDICAL.

TYPE: denotes state, utility, quality of objects. They are only 5

Type 1)This is the very worse thing that may be, in it, there will always be things in very bad quality as an example if you find it going to rot, you will go to the smells that definitely do not cause pleasant feelings if you will find medicine It will always be overdue and quicker to you hurting. In this type it is possible to find only: household things, medical preparations, clothing.

Type 2)Contains items that will not be the first quality will also have the look of them not the first year. For example: clothing will have minor damage, spots. And there will be no first freshness but it is more powerful to eat. In this type it is possible to find only: household things, medical preparations, clothing, and industrial things.

Type 3)Contains average quality, they do not have any defects. These things will be pure and will work as needed. Domestic things, medical things, clothing, food, industrial things, military, also appear paranormal items.

Type 4)These are high quality things and they are very difficult to damage, their tasks they perform flawlessly, it is also easy to replace that they are heavier exposed to external influences (low and high temperatures) also characteristic of it is a detailed instruction with pictures to all subjects, it's a small book With an ideal rectangular shape, the main feature is that if you read closely by it to fully understand and skillfully use and serve, replace details (it also extends to other instances that are not found in the SUPPLY BOX. Domestic things, medicine, clothing, food, industrial things, Military, Also appear paranormal items.

Type 5) This is the most popular boxes, the chance to find them so small that people do not suspect that boxes can be more than Fourth type. In most cases, they are in size only in boxes 1m³ 2m³. All subjects that will be found in this class are always very highly appreciated by pet items that can be found in this type. As a manual use a leaf with a chaotic sequence of digits and letters as a sample "idjekzocosoaldhxydwpp9298jdjdkbxhxuzs2jxk89jdiz". When read these characters, knowledge appears to use how to use, save, and a complete description of the subject is also given. After reading, the skill of use (for example, an automaton) reaches enormous heights, for example, a person will receive enormous accuracy and coordination of movements. Domestic things, medicine, clothing, food, industrial things, military, also appear paranormal items.

SIZE- Specifies the exact size of the box

WEIGHT- indicates the exact weight of the contents of the box and including the box itself.

Warning- Indicates that is not allowed to do near the box or indicates chemically or biological danger.

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